About Meagan Frank

meagan headshot.jpgMeagan Frank is the author of the Choosing to Grow series, a national speaker, writer, teacher, coach, and mother of three.

She is seasonally productive. Her working rhythm can be blamed on two things: Colorado College’s block plan… and the man she met there.

Winter Block consists of renovating and rebuilding the new ski resort/ retreat center she and her husband recently purchased. (WoodWind Park) She is also busy writing as much as she can on the variety of projects that litter her desk. She is currently most busy writing and proposing her book about youth sports.

The Team Adult Playbook: Connecting Better for Our Sporting Kids is the culmination of nearly ten years of research and immersive observation about the youth sports landscape. The goal has been to gain perspective and the tools necessary to provide a positive sports environment for all kids. She is now writing and speaking about what she found.  (The Team Adult Playbook proposal is not currently represented.

Other Works in Progress

A Line in the Water (upmarket women’s fiction manuscript currently under revision) Grace McIntyre toggles between opulence and simplicity. Eventually she has to choose between her connection to an affluent, material world and the pure love she finds when she is stripped of everything she’s known. 

Choosing McGuire: A multi-generational narrative of Meagan’s family history interweaving the stories of three generations of McGuires:

  • The Sweet Sixteen: a Nebraska farm family consisting of 13 boys and 3 girls in the early 1900’s. 
  • The Fab Five: told from her father’s perspective, the oldest in a family of five boys born in the span of five years who made their mark in a small Nebraska town and achieved remarkable successes.
  • The Final Four, a personal account of Meagan’s experiences as the middle daughter in a family of four kids ultimately abandoned by their alcoholic father.

Spring Block is spent on the soccer field with the Menomonie High School girls team. Meagan and her husband also experience a length of physical separation during this season as he heads out to Colorado as the operations manager and kitchen owner of a pair of food kitchens at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Meagan finds herself single-parenting for six weeks at the end of the school year.

Summer Block rolls around and the crazy begins. Meagan travels back and forth between the Colorado Renaissance Festival and Wisconsin to help run the kitchens, manage the house, and coach some soccer. All the kids work for the family businesses. (oh yeah, and they have been known to live together in a bus on the festival grounds during the running of the show).

Fall Block means Meagan is likely traveling, writing and reintegrating into the Midwest rhythm.

Meagan enjoys reading, yoga, cross-country skiing, hiking, photography, walking with her husband and their dogs Ozzy & Dickens, wine, good food, doing tea, and watching her three children outgrow her.