Choosing to Grow

Choosing to Grow (CTG) is the umbrella under which I live my life…and write my books.


Choosing to Grow: Making a conscious decision to learn about and to grow through an aspect or a phase of life.

CTG For the Sport of It was the investigation I pursued to get a handle on the big picture of youth sports. I wanted to better understand my own sports story and effectively navigate the youth sports landscape for our kids. I also wanted to learn what I could to make the sports experience better for everyone for whom I coached.

Our family is a sporting family. There are seven athletes in our house: three kids, two coaches, a 100-pound yellow lab and an energetic, eighteen-pound chiweenie. Of all the time I have spent involved in teams as a player, as a coach, as the wife of a coach and as a parent, I have not taken enough time to consciously study or learn about why I do the things I do…why I feel the way I feel…and whether it matters what other people do and feel while at a sporting event.

I love the sporting lifestyle, and through the variety of experiences I’ve had, I have seen all different parts of what it is to be involved. There are plenty of reasons why I support and encourage our kids to play team sports.  There are reasons why being part of a team can be difficult, but the value of what team competition can offer far outweighs the potential difficulties. I’m not sure there is as much positive celebration about youth team sports as there should be.


What is the current feeling around youth team sports? Do people really feel the way they sound like they feel on the sidelines? Why do they feel as they do?

Do people generally feel positive about where youth team sports are headed?

If not…what are some ways to combat the negativity and empower parents and coaches to be the engine for something better?

What do parents/coaches need to know about the physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual components of youth team sports? What do they need to know about their own emotional experiences?

My goal is to start a movement of change by educating people with the information they need to make the choices that matter.

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